Summer brings so many benefits as we have already discussed in our previous posts throughout August. We had quite a few people get out and about as a result of some of our posts which is great to hear! I even saw a few people when i was out and about. Not only the health benefits brought a smile to my face, but also the fact that whoever i saw out, they too had a knowing smile on their face. It’s nice to be a part of something, a common goal isn’t it? But what about when those goals are a little more personal? What happens when we start to acheive or complete our goals…What are the negatives as we come out of the other side…..?

Disrupted routine, schedule all over the place, tiredness from burning the candle at both ends whilst working as normal but trying to get the most out of every ounce of sunshine after work and weekends. Then we have the holiday blues and the struggle to readjust to the life we live for the other 75% of the year.

Let ‘s take a look at some of the questions posed to us by some of our clients relating to this topic which I know will be very relatable to a lot of others.

Answer: First and foremost – Short and sweet = Set a goal

Make it a small, achievable goal first, once reach set another and another until you build up that positive momentum over a few weeks.
This first goal we are thinking small, something like:

“This week I will track my calories consistently for 7 days and do 3 x 30 mins of some sort of exercise”

Lets keep it as simple as that, no huge pressure with stepping on scales or hitting personal bests in the gym, just ease back in and achieve what you set out to do.

Answer: This is such a natural thought process, a huge life event like a wedding is going to be followed by a lull and a bit of time in mental limbo surrounding a lot of things- especially health/fitness/training.

Your wedding was your driving force, the pressure of feeling amazing on your special day was your “why”.

You have to find a new “why”, if that “why” isn’t strong enough then you break and you do things like over eat or decide to skip training.
If that “why” is strong enough it will push you in those difficult times to say. ‘no F this im getting me gear on and just getting something done today.’

Nobody else can find your “why” for you, this has to be personal and strong enough to drag you through the hard days.

An idea would be to pick something totally different than to look good in a wedding dress, make it focus on something else. Look at a fitness event like a 10k, tough mudder, 3 peaks or an ope4n water swim, anything that requires you to dedicate some time to it and physically push yourself. This will be a fresh, new, exciting challenge that will keep you on task but a huge side benefit will be helping you maintain that wedding day body.


When you find your “why”, write it in your mobiles notes and screen shot it, then save it as your screen saver.
In those hard times, give it a read as a kick up the arse.

Have a scroll through the images to see some peoples “whys”…



Answer: Sit down, write out all your commitments on a weekly planner split in to the hours of the day.
Everything, school runs, food shopping, kids clubs, work, social commitments.
Find 2 x 45 min slots and make them your own!
Be selfish with them, they are an important appointment for your physical and mental health and an important meeting to assist you with your goals.
Tell everyone, your husband/wife, kids, mum and dad, friends, social media- This is my time, im going getting sweaty between these times and nothing is getting in the way so for that period of time fend for each other or fend for yourselves but im unavailable.

Feeling guilty about being selfish with a tiny portion of your time??? F that, if you cant look after yourself and stay fit and healthy then you cant look after your loved ones.

On top of that, dedicate 1 hour on one day per week, I normally suggest a Sunday to planning your weeks meals and doing some food prep. Make it simple, make it tasty and make something you can batch cook.

If you need any help with getting back in to your training and nutrition or you’re feeling lost/stuck in a rut then text/call/email/message us and we can help with anything health, fitness, training or nutrition related.

If you have any questions regarding anything contained in this blog, please do not hesitate to speak to your Personal Trainer or contact us directly.
If anything in this article brings your attention to a health related concerns, we urge you to seek professional medical advice.