From 13th-19th May 2019, it is Mental Health Awareness Week –
This post is a personal and frank, thought provoking blog from Jamie, EasySt PT and EasySt Nutrition Owner.

My mental health and being self awareness

I’ve never been one to talk much about it or say I have problems and I would tell anyone that would listen how mentally robust I am, but you know what, if I turn the magnifying glass around for a second on to myself and was brutally honest, a psychiatrist would probably have a field day 😂

I have massive OCD tendencies, I struggle without routine, I have to train or I have this nervous energy that leaves me feeling on edge, I can be very harsh on myself and hugely self critical.

Some would say that all my mental traits are obsessive and see this as a negative but I disagree. It’s who I am, I accept that, my upbringing and experiences have made me this way. It’s also a positive in the fact that I’m aware of all these traits. I have OCD with random stuff that wouldn’t be on most people’s radars so I find myself going in to EASY St and adjusting kettlebells put back different to how I would do it or rolling up matts differently to others, re folding towels or re writing post it notes left by others….. it’s a bit of a waste of time and energy but it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s something I have an urge to do and I manage it so who cares…right?

I really struggle without routine, I’m unproductive and can get quite anxious that I’m being unproductive and wasting my time, so you know what I do, I have a routine. I have a routine all the time, I plan out my week in advance, food, work, social plans-everything. Is it OTT, yes. Obsessive, yes. Does it hurt anyone? No, have I been sectioned yet? No (Not yet!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

Then there is the fact that every day I feel I have to train, this has probably come from all sorts of things in my life from being a ‘fat kid’, to the army to training now being my livelihood that I feel I need to do it every day. I agree this is obsessive but trust me, there is worse things I could feel the need to do daily…so again, to scratch that itch if you like, I train.

My point is this, mental health awareness is about looking out for each other and spotting warning signs in friends and family but have a good look at yourself too, assess yourself, accept that your little “quirks” are sometimes a bit more than that. Find ways to manage them and if you can’t, then be strong enough to seek help in working on it.

My lifestyle, routine and training might seem like an obsession with my body but it’s more about my mind 🧠

If anyone can relate, I welcome you to openly talk to me about it at any time.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this and perhaps, gain alittle insight into me as a person, rather than just a PT.