Throughout the month of June we have committed to continuing our blog series for 2019.
Over the next month a series of posts will outline what lifetime landmarks might be, what they mean to us and why we react like we do to them (Dreading being 40) and how we handle it.

Lets think of the biggest things that happen in our lives, the things we would call true lifetime landmarks (dramatic i know).
Perhaps it’s your wedding day, a pregnancy or a big birthday.
Every one of these should be happy times, big celebrations with friends and family, but in reality these things bring a host of stressors, worries and anxieties.
We hear it all the time, “I don’t want to be a fat bride” or “my body is going to be ruined” or “I just pictured things different by the time I was 30”. All these are sorts of things you will hear around those big landmarks.

We as individuals are quick to criticise ourselves or to be too hard on ourselves, we expect more from ourselves and in general we don’t say very nice things either.
Would you say those things you to say to yourself, to someone else? What about any of these…
“Wow you are going to look massive in that dress for the big day”
“That baby is going to ruin your body forever”
“Shit you’re 30 this time, I thought you would be doing better by now”

So first up we have to talk acceptance, that event is coming around one day and it will probably come quicker than you ever thought possible.
Accept it and embrace it, that will make the process a lot more enjoyable to start with.

Once accepted, lets make a plan of action that can stop those biggest anxieties in their tracks.

Below we will concentrate on the two more of the previous landmarks we mentioned, these are what we seem to hear about most here in the gym.


Now this isn’t something I’m (Jamie) speaking from experience with, firstly I’m a man and secondly I don’t have kids. However I have trained a lot of pre and post pregnancy women. The best possible scenario for this is that when you find out you are pregnant you are already doing some sort of physical activity, this way you can carry on up until just weeks, days in some cases up to the birth. All of this depends on advice from your midwife and Dr, but training should not be an issue. The safest way to approach this is to get yourself a trainer with experience in planning training and nutrition around pregnancy. A word of warning- if you have a trainer which at this time decided to try and overrule your Dr or midwife then waddle away as fast as you can please!

For someone who finds themselves pregnant but isn’t currently training then you can still start, things are going to have to be a lot slower and more carefully planned but this isn’t just a good reason to sit and eat for 9 months. To start with just walking more than usual might be a good start.

Then this is the most common one, someone who comes to see us after having a baby. Some come weeks after and some come years after, we can still help. This is now just a normal weight loss or body transformation scenario, there is no bump to contend with or baby to worry about, we may have advice from a midwife on certain things to work on or avoid initially due to how the birth was but in general this can be a very straight forward plan. But don’t let that fool you that having a plan isn’t necessary. You now have a baby to look after that wants to compete for all of your time, winging this isn’t going to be a successful approach.

Our next and final post for June, will go more in depth in to another of lifes landmarks.

Thank you for engaging with the first of three installments of our June Blog Series based around Lifetime Landmarks.
Our aim is to excite, engage and educate our clients and followers.

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