Throughout the month of July we have committed to continuing our blog series for 2019.

This blog post is the second of two posts with what we believe is hard to argue against but the most important reason to stay strong, fit and healthy – Your family.
We will cover the where’s, the whys and the how’s plus some ways we feel people can create habits to ensure they avoid the downfalls of not putting yourself first to put your family first.

Healthy habits with a family

Continuing from my last post, below are points which I feel everybody should be aware of and habits to create which will give you the tools combat issues which where previously discussed.

Cardiovascular health
If your cardiovascular health starts to fail as you get older it effects everything, if this is something that is going to have a negative effect on our lives lets not let it be because of something we could have prevented.

This can be as simple as regular walks, on your own or why not create a family habit so it becomes the norm within your family unit to just be active.

Even better than this is to sometimes do something that can cause a bit more heavy breathing, speed walk, cycle, run swim- Just once per week consistently could promote life changing effects.

Mental health
This has become more and more spoken about over the last few years and for good reason. On this I would just say do something for you, this could still involve the family but do something that you genuinely want to do. See a certain film at the cinema, have a hobby you enjoy that requires your attention, read….. This could literally be anything! Make it for you, devote some time to it, enjoy it, be a bit selfish with it.

I’m a big believe in happiness promoting happiness, think how you feel when you see a loved one with a smile on their face and look genuinely happy….. That works both ways.

Lean muscles mass
Now I’m not telling you that you need to start pumping iron, yes that would be excellent but lets just give your body and your muscles in particular an excuse to stick around. As we get older muscle mass tends to diminish naturally which causes issues like loss of strength, reduced balance and reduced mobility which will effect almost everything you do.

So if this happens to everyone then what’s the point, surely it’s a losing battle? Nope not necessarily, by giving your body a reason to keep the muscle, i.e using it for physical activity whether that’s weight lifting, sport, yoga or just some small home circuits, you can go a long way to persuading the powers at be within the body that this muscle tissue is worth keeping.

Another note is what about trying to build some muscle, this way when it does naturally start to diminish you have more of it in the first place meaning the effects will be less.

I’m not going to preach on this, everybody knows the negative effects of having high bodyfat. Increased blood pressure, risk of heart disease, increased risk of diabetes…… and so on. All pretty brutal, life shortening diseases.

Please address this issue, look at how much you are consuming, look at what you are consuming, look at how much you are moving and amount of physical exercise. If you aren’t sure google it, ask someone or reach out to me. This is a habit that isn’t always easy to create as you are trying to break habits that you have formed over 20/30/40 years, but they are habits with dramatic effects.

The food we eat is our fuel, our energy source, our source of all the little ingredients that make us function optimally. Give your body what it needs and deserves. You don’t even need to get scientific with this stuff, in the most basic terms build each meal out of the below:

Pick one – meat/fish/eggs/quorn
Pick one – potatoe/rice/pasta/couscous/lentils/beans
Pick 2/3- any veg or fruit

Look at varying the above day to day or week by week and already you aren’t going far wrong.

Give yourself chance to get some well earned shut eye, lack of sleep and poor sleep have dramatic effects on physical ability, focus and mental health. When we sleep is when our body does all it’s maintenance, if you aren’t being well maintained you are going to break.
Regular bed times – find a way to relax leading up to bed times – aim for 7-9 hours – prioritise it.

Mental Health
I have mentioned it a few times above and how other things can effect this. Just be aware of your own mental health, from as simple as just being kind to yourself and giving yourself some credit or a break from time to time, to managing stress and talking to love ones about how you feel. A problem shared really is a problem halved! Find someone who you can unload to, unload to each other even, a friend, a family member, colleague etc It might seem like the most unlikely person in the end but someone will listen, understand and might even be able to help.

I don’t think the above is a lot to ask for the results it creates. If you are the worst case scenario of the person I have described, these points can be introduced over weeks and months not all in one day. The results can be life changing for you and your family whether you see the benefits now or in 20 years it is worth addressing sooner rather than later. You don’t need a personal trainer for these to be successful, they are very doable on your own, but if you are lost when it comes to any of this then email, text, message on social media, whatever it takes, just start a conversation and I’m sure I can help.

Thank you for engaging with our July Blog Series based around fitness with a family.
Our aim is to excite, engage and educate our clients and followers.

If you have any questions regarding anything contained in this blog, please do not hesitate to speak to your Personal Trainer or contact us directly.