Indulging without over indulgence has to be the key to staying healthy and feeling healthy but also being generally satisfied and enjoying the life you live.

I went out for a meal with my fiancé over the bank holiday which prior to going I guesstimated would be around 2000kcal.

I did this by viewing the menu and choosing what I wanted before we went and used the ‘my fitness pal’ app to add up the items as best as I could to get a rough idea of what I would be consuming in terms of calories.

To make this meal fit in to my daily calorie intake without hindering my progress I just planned ahead.

I normally consume 3200kcal each day, so on this day I had approx. 500kcal for breakfast before work and training, then another 500kcal after training about 2pm.

I then had this much larger meal about 7pm in the evening.

Now all I’ve actually done is condense my usual 5/6 meals/snacks in to 2 average size and one large meal to fit around my social life.

This allowed me to socialize, enjoy a rare afternoon/night off work and satisfy some cravings, all without hindering my own training progress and in turn feeling guilty.


A much more sustainable approach than all out banning certain foods!