Can you out train a bad diet?

The short answer = NO

The longer answer is that it depends how many calories your bad diet consists of and how much time you are willing to dedicate just to make up for overindulgences.

Lets look at an example in numbers:

Say a slice of pizza takes a minute to eat, that’s approx 300kcal.

Now to burn 300kcal on a treadmill it would take approx. 1 hour at a fast walk depending on your size.

So eat a whole pizza and you are looking at an 8 hour shift on a treadmill.


Now this isn’t to say that exercise is a waste of time and you should just succumb to a life of obesity and enjoying pizza. Punishing yourself after an overfeed or a big weekend isn’t a healthy mindset or way of life.

Instead try to educate yourself on nutrition and calorie contents of food.

Educate, stay consistent, plan ahead

The key is to educate, stay consistent and plan ahead.

An example of this- Saturday night it’s a best friends big birthday night out. Many pints and jaeger will be consumed this is a fact. Now you know this is coming so why should this night mean a 3lb weight gain by Monday morning???? It doesn’t
Think ahead, plan from weds to consume slightly less calories each day. Just 200kcal decrease over weds, thurs and Friday gives you enough calories for 2 pints.

With this there are a few other pointers that can go a long way to achieving your body composition goals whilst having the odd big night out:

  • Still consume adequate protein (at least 1g per lb of body weight)
  • Try to consume nutrient dense foods to make sure the body is still getting sufficient vitamins and minerals. An excellent choice is vegetables- low calorie, high volume and high fibre to make you feel fuller!
  • And lastly, a big night out or a special meal shouldn’t be a free for all or the opportunity to go on a 3 day drinking/food binge

For that time that the above doesn’t work, you well and truly fall of the wagon, accept it, own it, move on, the next meal you consume should be your first step towards being back on track!
“im back on it from Monday” = bullsh*t