The best supplement in the world – Summer!

All Winter we do 2 things:

1. We complain about the rubbish weather

2. We are either talking about or working on our summer bodies

This month we have delved in to how Summer can repay your hard work and patience. Yes, by all means sit back and enjoy the holiday cocktails, have that refreshing 99 or get to the beer garden but lets see how summer can assist you with maintaining that summer body, maybe even making it better and boost health dramatically.

We covered the benefits of the great outdoors and of course the benefits from being in the sun and getting our hit of Vitamin D, but now we’re going to talk about FREE Gym Membership. Enrolment is open now and has been since May…If you’ve missed it, Where have you been?

Check out this great video below on why training outdoors is beneficial and getting out and about benefits your wellbeing.

All credit to for the above video goes to Bodyweight Muscle.
We included the above video to show you we aren’t the only ones who believe there is no excuse to being active outdoors.

Thank you for engaging with our Blog Series based around Summer.

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