The best supplement in the world – Summer!

All winter we do 2 things:

1 . We complain about the rubbish weather

2 . We are either talking about or working on our summer bodies

This month we are delving in to how summer can repay your hard work and patience.

Yes sit back and enjoy the holiday cocktails, have that refreshing 99 or get to the beer garden but lets see how summer can assist you with maintaining that summer body, maybe even making it better and boost health dramatically.

However, The (supposidly) dry months do invite you to discover the great outdoors.

For those without dogs, the winter months can often be a time of hibernation and peoples outdoor exposure and general activity levels plummet.
Those dryer warmer months bring the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, as well as boosting those Vit D levels as previously discussed.
Above we can see some other benefits of getting outdoors from boosting energy level, enhancing relationships, boosting your immune system and helping with your mental health (something we discussed last month).

Put simply, rain or shine – Get out doors as much as possible.
Whether you are at work and just require a 5 minute walk around the car park to stop the 2pm slump in performance or whether it is to play outdoors sports or games and even for a matter of socialising, the benefits cannot be talked up enough.

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