The best supplement in the world – Summer!

All Winter (and even Spring) we do 2 things:

1. We complain about the rubbish weather

2. We are either talking about or working on our summer bodies

This month we are going to delve in to how summer can repay your hard work and patience.

Yes sit back and enjoy the holiday cocktails, have that refreshing 99 or get to the beer garden but lets see how summer can assist you with maintaining that summer body, maybe even making it better and boost health dramatically.

Vitamin D

A tan isn’t the only gift the sun gives.
What about Vitamin D?

Although hard to get from sunlight alone all year round, during the summer months just 10 minutes of direct sunlight can give you your recommended daily amount.

The body can also build up a store of Vit D so make the most of those opportunities to soak up the rays whilst also being wary of skin damage. Below are some signs and symptoms of someone low in Vit D and other natural sources of this great multi purpose vitamin.

We would always suggest trying to get vitamins and minerals from natural sources before resorting to supplements.

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