Easy Street Personal Training in RochdaleEASY ST. – formerly known as route Dorset, situated in the Nad E Ali district of Helmand province, southern Afghanistan. The name was used by soldiers serving with both the Welsh and Grenadier guards on operations in summer 2009 when Operations in Afghanistan where At their most brutal. This stretch of road was the route used by the Taliban to escape when British forces mounted an operation to clear taliban insurgents from the west of the district. The Taliban had planted hundreds of improvised explosive devices and booby traps along the road to maim or kill anyone who would ever try to follow them in to the next village which they had now turned in to a Taliban stronghold. In summer 2009 when fighting in Afghanistan was at its most brutal orders where given to mount operations to start clearing this road with the goal of launching an assault on the next village clearing insurgents for good. It soon became clear that these clearance patrols would be far from straight forward, this 1.5 miles stretch of open road provided no cover from enemy attack but lots of hidden enemy fire positions and IED’s. With a constant flow of casualties during the op it became a suicide mission. It was in this time that the nickname started to be used. Men ranging from 18-40, 2/3 times a day would throw on their kit and be given orders to mount a clearance patrol to search and clear IED’s and enemy forces in the knowledge that they themselves could fall victim to one of the hidden bombs or enemy sniper fire. There would be no argument, no negotiations just the simple reply “roger easy street” .
And so the nickname stuck.


The nickname of this stretch of road connecting two villages thousands of miles away is transferable to any task in our lives that we see as a priority. Out there it was free the local population from brutal Taliban rule, but back home we could relate it to weight loss, improved health, build muscle, complete a specific athletic event etc we will give you the location, equipment, the education, knowledge, foundation and encouragement to achieve your goals and much more, all we ask of you is strap up your boots, throw on your kit and get sh*t done. Never stop moving forward, small, consistent progression, bring a good attitude, open ears and a willingness to be pushed beyond your natural limits. There will be set backs and bad days but we’ve created a health and fitness family  to get us through those times.


  • Create a trust and bond with our clients

  • Create an environment and community people want to be part of

  • Manage the clients goals and expectations, create the right plan, stick to the plan and amend the plan when needed

  • Be a results driven business with our clients our best advert

  • Some times its not about watching the number fall on the scales, personal training should be personal, if we can make someone feel happier in their own skin then we are succeeding


  • The facilities to match your ambition

  • Personal trainers with a passion for your goals that exceeds your own

  • A community for when all else fails to motivate you – come and sweat and have a laugh with friends


Challenges will be taking place throughout the year, next up, the national 3 peaks! Dates to be confirmed. Got what it takes? Only one way to find out!


Jamie Ford
Jamie FordHead Trainer
I have extensive experience in providing training to clients from all walks of life with varying goals. From office bound professionals to young athletes, I adapt all my training to suit the individual, creating an effective and maintainable plan to reach the goals you desire.
I gained my knowledge over many years of studying my passion which was a hobby and is now my livelihood. I have previously served in the British army, been an armed private security operative and played rugby throughout my life to a good standard, my main passion is resistance training but I’m not shy when it comes to getting the heart rate up to its higher figures.
Lucie Berwick
Lucie BerwickPersonal Trainer
Lucie has always had a keen interest in fitness, establishing connections across England delivering bootcamps and 1-1 Personal Training sessions. She has a strong passion for sport from playing football at a high standard, to running the Great Manchester Marathon in April 2017.
Within the gym she specialises in resistance training and believes overcoming both physical and mental barriers are the key to achieving astounding results. Lucie is also a qualified Sports Massage Practitioner delivering sessions to the general public, local sports teams and high profile athletes.
With her combined in depth knowledge of anatomy and exercising, it enables her to adapt exercises where necessary for every individual client.
Charlotte Hennifer
Charlotte HenniferPersonal Trainer
Since the age of 3, Charlotte has danced her way through life, performing in shows both locally and internationally for over 20 years. Fitness has always been in the background; however in 2015 Charlotte decided to come back to the UK after 4 years of travelling and working abroad and complete her Personal Training qualifications. Charlotte prides herself on her approach to each individual client. Qualified in nutritional guidance, sports conditioning, outdoor training Charlotte love to train clients from all different backgrounds. Charlotte’s motto is DREAM IT. BELIEVE IT. ACHIEVE IT.
Charlotte specialises in looking into not only increasing your fitness levels, building strength and improving your physique but also lifestyle coaching, building self esteem and confidence and generally feeling happier in the body you have.
Charlotte tailors her sessions to each individual client, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed alongside their hard work and determination to create results.
Tom Halliday
Tom HallidayPersonal Trainer
Tom has been involved in the health and fitness industry since a young age. Tom has achieved outstanding results in recent years. With a unique training method, Tom guides, motivates and facilitates clients through their journey offering valuable advice at every stage.

Tom works with many different types of people, from those looking to make a positive lifestyle change, to those competing at a high sporting level. He ensures he refers to his excellent knowledge to ensure both athletes and client’s in sedentary jobs, are achieveing their goals.

Tom’s focus is to simultaneously train and educate clients where they can maintain and live a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the gym. All sessions are client specific with undivided attention, support and motivation.

Josh Queenan
Josh QueenanPersonal Trainer
Josh has had a passion in sport and fitness from an early age. During his teenage years he played rugby league and competed in athletics at a high level. Having obtained a degree in Sport & Exercise Science (BSc Hons) from the University of Chester in 2016, Josh applies his knowledge hands on into his PT sessions in any way he can.
Josh has a passion in helping clients achieve their desired fitness goals whilst being with them every step of their fitness journey. In addition Josh aims to educate clients regarding training and nutrition inside and outside the gym environment. Josh believes that the key to leading a healthy and active lifestyle and staying motivated is to incorporate a wide range of variety during exercise sessions and nutritional programmes. Therefore no two sessions are the same with Josh.
Brogan Lawrie
Brogan LawriePhysiotherapist
Brogan graduated from the University of Salford in June 2017 with a Bsc Hons in physiotherapy. She started her career at Bolton Foundation Trust NHS on the rotational scheme gaining experience in several different areas of physiotherapy including Neurological, Respiratory, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, General Medicine and Musculoskeletal.
Brogans main areas of interest are Musculoskeletal, sports and injury prevention. She completed her dissertation on ‘The effectiveness of neuromuscular training programs to reduce the risk of anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries in football players’.
Brogan has gained valuable experience working at semi-professional rugby league clubs, Rugby Union and for the FA in the English schools cup finals. She splits her time between working at Easy Street and within the NHS in a Musculoskeletal role.
Brogan completed her Sports massage in 2015 and Acupuncture qualifications in March 2018. She has also completed her Pilates Matwork level 1 and 2 with the APPI and is teaching regular classes at Easy Street.
Brogan regularly updates her knowledge and skills to maintain evidence based practice getting involved with research projects and service developments within her role.
In her spare time she enjoys lifting weights in the gym and riding her horse.
Kelley Ford
Kelley FordTrainee trainer
I’m probably not your typical personal trainer story (if that exists), I suppose I am coming into this later than most and unlike most trainers who have done this all their working lives, I’m coming from a slightly different angle. Up until recently, I owned my own hair salon but my experience through having my own personal trainer pushed me towards wanting nothing more than to help people like training helped me.
I have suffered from quite severe anxiety in the past and through the help of CBT and throwing myself into health/fitness/training with a personal trainer I was lucky enough to come out of the other side stronger mentally but feeling physically great, with more self-confidence, a higher self-esteem, fitter and healthier.
It was during my times struggling mentally I sought out a PT and again when I was getting married, both times the way I was made to feel left me with no doubt this is what I want to do for other people.
Now I plan to combine all of my experiences good and bad plus the knowledge I have pledged to soak up through my learning phase to get people in the best shape they have ever been in. I can’t wait to see the positivity I can implement in people and watch their mindset and bodies improve.